Sunday, 20 May 2007

Do u know how a Slide-Check Valve Works

In fact, I am just new here, and i don't know more about valve. however i can see them everywhere in our daily life. Today i saw a website that introduct Slkde-check valve works. I feel interest in it, so i want to share to all of you.
When the slide is forward, the entire line, from the tank to the marker valve chamber is pressurized (see Fig. 1.) The blue color depicts the high-pressure gas. In the Forward Position, the marker is ready to fire.
When the slide is back, there is no pressure in the line between the marker and the slide-check. In the Back Position, the marker can be removed from the remote, without de-pressurizing the entire line or having to turn off the tank (see Fig. 2.) The line between the tank and the slide-check remains at tank pressure as depicted by the blue color.
And do you want to get more information about it? it you want , please go to this website:

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